The Soy necklace is about beauty arising from unconventional sources. Pose yourself this question: when does an object deserve to be preserved instead of simply ending up in the landfill? In creating this necklace, I deliberately combine the ‘seemingly worthless’ plastic fish with the ‘precious’ silver screw cap and chain. This emphasizes that plastic, despite its disposable nature, can have a value comparable to that of silver.

The screw cap serves a dual purpose: it provides the opportunity to fill the fish with a liquid or content that is personally meaningful to you. Secondly, the interchangeability of the fish encourages active engagement. Come across another beautiful fish on your next sushi order? You can replace it.

This photo series was created in collaboration with photographer Coen Dijkstra.

This photo series is currently being exhibited at De Japanner, Location Bilderdijk.

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