Repair Your Chair

“What if we all had access to a machine that transforms your old plastic bottles into a spool of plastic yarn!” 

Seeing your old plastic bottles being shredded, thrown into a machine and transformed into a new material is amazing! Within a few minutes 
10 plastic bottles turn into a tube of soft plastic wrapped on the roll. All of a sudden there is this spool of yarn you can do all sorts of things with.

Seeing this plastic on the roll and treating it as yarn made me start to weave and wrap it around different objects. 
One of the qualities of this yarn is strength as it is blown out of the machine into a tube. 
While diving into different weaving techniques and woven products I came across a PVC cord chair or so called spaghetti chair. I had one of those chairs at home but it was broken so I decided to see if I could use the plastic yarn to weave a new seat. It turned out that the material worked great for this purpose.

For ReChallenge I have been repairing a series of broken chairs.

This project for me is about making aware that your plastic trash can be transformed into a new material, and making people conscious and active in the DIY culture.  

This project was part of the ReChallenge collaboration together with Jessica Den Hartog. Jessica invited four designers to use her material from the ReColored-library and transform various samples into new products.

This exhibition was part of the Dutch Design Week 2019 in Eindhoven.